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#ukrainiansfortheworld edition

Sep 30, 2023 from 10 am to 18 pm Kyiv timezone

Zoom (you will be provided with the Zoom link to access the conference upon making a donation)
Event description


The PMI Ukraine Chapter is pleased to invite you to the annual charitable conference, held virtually. Since February 24, 2022, we all continue standing with Ukraine in the horrifying battle. In this season, experienced professionals explore important cases and models, sharing motivating stories and practical insights, including but not limited to the topics of how to survive the turbulence of war and leave with its consequences.



10.15 AM Kyiv time
Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez,
author of the Harvard Business Review Project Management Handbook, the featured HBR article The Project Economy Has Arrived, and five other books
Goodbye PMO, Welcome Chief Project Officer

With the significant increase in automation of operations and the increase in change initiatives and project work, a new role is emerging in the executive committee. Companies are beginning to consolidate responsibility for orchestrating and successfully implementing the organization’s continuous transformation and significant strategic initiatives within a single C-level executive. The chief project officer goes far beyond the traditional Project Management Officer role or the direct sponsorship of individual projects. They must push their organization toward adopting a project-driven structure and foster a collaborative and empowering culture that reaches across silos. They must also collaborate with HR to develop project-management competencies throughout the organization.

12.00 PM Kyiv time
Aina Alive,
Agile & Enterprise Coach, Scaled Agile, Forbes Coaches  Council,  Speaker,  Writer, Top 30 Female Entrepreneur 2021 by The NYC
The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence: Transforming Project Management and Promoting Agile Mindset

Concerned about the widespread adoption of AI and its influence on project management, the Agile environment and your ways of work? AI has entered a new era in recent months, as seen in advancements like ChatGPT and the explosive growth of AI Apps, fundamentally transforming the way projects are handled. Explore how AI will reshape various aspects of project management domains and highlight Agile ways of work with practical applications that you can start utilizing right away. Unleash your interpersonal skills as a human project manager, collaborating with AI to tackle routine responsibilities. Let AI take the lead on tedious work while you concentrate on delivering value and innovative solutions. Are you prepared to embrace the future?

2.00 PM Kyiv time
Oleksiy Shebanov,
Delivery Director, Head of PMO at Intellias
Value-driven PMO: Building PMO that brings business value

Are you looking for an effective way to improve project management in your company? Do you want to understand how a PMO (Project Management Office) can be a real value for your business? Then you should definitely join the presentation by speaker Oleksiy Shebanov on the topic of "Value-driven PMO: Building a PMO that brings business value." During the presentation, we will take a detailed look at the key aspects of building a PMO focused on maximizing value for the business. We will cover the following topics: - The Value of PMO for Business: Discover how a PMO can help enhance project management efficiency and impact the company's strategic goals. - Building a Value-Driven PMO: We will explore the steps and strategies needed to create a PMO that focuses on value for stakeholders. - Key Functions and Tools of PMO: Learn about the tools and techniques that will help you ensure the effective operation of the PMO and achieve desired results. - Practical Tips and Examples of Successful PMO Building Cases.

Harold Kerzner
4.00 PM Kyiv time
Harold Kerzner, 
Senior Executive Director at International Institute for Learning
The Next Generation of Project Management

Project management approaches undergo changes. In the last few years, many of these changes have taken place due to the COVID-19 pandemic and advances in technology. These and other driving factors lead us into the next generation of project management.

11.00 AM Kyiv time
Gunther Verheyen,
an independent Scrum Caretaker on a journey of humanizing the workplace with Scrum, author of two best-selling books about Scrum
Moving (your) Scrum Downfield

Gunther Verheyen, independent Scrum Caretaker, has 2 decades of experience with Scrum. He is pleased to observe how Scrum is adopted widely and massively in organizations around the world. Although a lot has been achieved and Scrum is needed more than ever, Gunther still fears that Scrum itself has ended up in a status-quo anyhow, which undermines its future relevance. Gunther believes that we need to start moving Scrum downfield so our organizations finally make the shift from the industrial (Taylorist) ways of working to the Agile paradigm, with Scrum as the OS of that change. It has been largely avoided so far (hence, the stand-still), but this inevitably implies re-emerging the structures around Scrum. Gunther shares his view on how to move (your) Scrum downfield. Gunther shares how to re-vers-ify your organization to restore organizational harmony while optimizing for value, upon re-imagining your Scrum. Gunther’s call to action is to start moving our individual Scrum adoptions downfield as THE bottom-up way to move Scrum itself downfield.

1.00 PM Kyiv time
Karen-Marie Kragelund,
MBA, change catalyst and organisational bridge builder, founder of KmK & Partners, specialising in advisory and project management in organisational transformation and change management programmes
How to build intentional plasticity into the organisational fabric?

In today’s world staying ahead of the competition is a wicked problem. Have you ever felt that you or your organisation are behind? Playing catch-up? Change is people-driven and McKinsey research states that people will change their mindset and behaviour and thus, a transformation initiative will be successful, if it includes a focus on role modelling and fostering understanding and conviction, as well as developing talent and skills and with a reinforcement with formal mechanisms. Karen-Marie argues that we need to look beyond this, dig deeper into the organisational fabric and look at how it is construed and how the components work together. Based on her original framework on intentional cultural plasticity, she outlines the building blocks of an environment where the focus is equally on adding business value for the organisation and growing human resilience for the individual. Inspiration is guaranteed, building the solution is up to you!

Lenka Pincot
3.00 PM Kyiv time
Lenka Pincot,
Chief of Staff to the CEO at Project Management Institute
Perpetual transformation: how to thrive when transformation became a new norm?

With the steep rise of emerging technologies, especially generative AI, the perpetual transformation became a new norm. Organizations need to evolve constantly to keep the pace, the call for organizational agility can’t get any stronger. Lenka will share PMI insight and her experience of impact of transformation on the project management profession and how to get ready for the future challenges.

Ricardo Vargas
5.00 PM Kyiv time
Ricardo Vargas,
an experienced leader in global operations, project management, business transformation and crisis management
How AI will Transform Project Management

Although AI is yet to be a standard tool in the world of projects, Gartner predicts that by 2030, 80 percent of project management tasks will be run by AI, powered by big data, machine learning, and natural language processing. When this next generation of tools is widely adopted, we will see radical changes in how projects are managed in many industries. In this keynote, Ricardo will discuss their featured new article on HBR about AI. In an engaging and future-oriented discussion, they will share six aspects of project management that AI will disrupt and how project managers can envision the future of work using AI and other emerging technologies.

How to join


This season is open for all interested in project management and supporting Ukraine. Throughout the conference, both before and during, we will be conducting a fundraising campaign to support two charitable funds by means of ticket purchases through WayForPay platform. Participants could get access to the event after donating to one of the proposed charity funds.

Charitable Foundation "Commonwealth-22" is established in the summer of 2022 by a group of IT professionals. We provide crucial support to the Ukrainian defense forces through the provision of non-lethal equipment, including drones, body armor, optics, thermal imagers, and more. Our primary objective is to enhance the safety and well-being of Ukrainian defenders, ensuring they have the tools they need to preserve lives effectively. Experience of this war shows that technologies could be game changer so we collect our expertise to provide the most advanced and effective solutions available to Armed Forces of Ukraine. Our mission is the victory of Ukraine and its resilient people.

The Dopomogator Charitable Foundation was created in 2017 by a team of IT specialists. Now our team consists of 12 employees with a boundless desire to help and change the lives of Ukrainians for the better! 

The main goal of Dopomogator Charity in 2023 is to help provide free bionic prosthetics to military and civilians who lost a limb during the war, as well as humanitarian and financial support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and medical workers.



There are two ways to become a partner:

  1. Spread the information about the event within your social networks and community

  2. Become a corporate donor by donating >20 thousand UAH

If you have any questions or suggestions, please approach us via



InStar is a project management training and consulting company in Ukraine with a proven track record since 2008. We have implemented hundreds of consulting projects and have trained thousands of project management practitioners in Ukraine and abroad. We are an authorized PMI training partner (PMI ATP), hepling project managers successfully pass PMI certifications, develop their project, portfolio and program management skills, as well as knowledlge of best practices for building and developing PMOs.


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How do we raise funds?

All speakers come pro-bono. Before and during the conference, we welcome donations which could be in form of extra ticket for the event or as donation via the fund official page..   We are using Wayforpay Donations as a service to collect funds. Wayforpay collects 2% of the sum to cover operational costs. After the event, Commonwealth-22 will transfer the money to other funds according to purchased tickets and allow every donor to audit the process of payments.

Who is paying the costs?

So far, all costs (domain, website, Zoom services) have been covered by individuals within PMI Ukraine board.

As a certified project manager, can I claim PDUs for my attendance?

Yes. Certified project managers can claim PDUs at under Course or Training. One hour of talk attendance equates to 1 PDU. Select the talent triangle arms that reflect the sessions you attended. Please use: -  Provider: PMI Ukraine Chapter -  Course: "PMI UA CONNECT'23 #ukrainiansfortheworld edition" virtual conference -  Date Started: 30 September 2023 -  Date Ended: 30 September 2023  -  URL: -  Contact Person: Stefaniia Pyrohova -  Contact E-Mail: Speakers can additionally claim PDUs at for content creation and at for delivery (1 PDU/h). Moderators and backup speakers can additionally claim PDUs at (1 PDU/h).

What is the maximum number of PDUs I can claim as a conference attendee?

This depends on your ability to stay awake. PMI allows you to claim 1 PDU per conference hour.


So, if you stay 8 hours with us, from the beginning on 30 September, 10 AM UTC+3, to the end on 30 September, 18 PM UTC+3, you can collect 8 PDUs.

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